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Tools Required for Installation:

Phillips and 1/8" Flat Screwdrivers
3/4"and 7/16" Wrench or Socket
Power Drill with 1/2" Bit
Long-Nose Pliers

Wilcox Sales - Audible Pedestrian Signals
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  • Remove all power to Ped Signal before installing device. Disabling Ped Signal may cause conflict monitor to place intersection in flashing red mode.
  1. Remove unit from carton and inspect for damage.
  2. Loosen screw on face of device, remove interior. Disconnect plug. Set assembly in a safe place.
  3. Open existing Ped signal. Drill 1/2" hole in convenient place on top of enclosure.
  4. Attach PS/A 10 Flex Mount to the Ped signal and tighten nut, making sure that the O-Ring is in place as shown on attached drawing.
  5. Orient the PS/A 10 in the same direction as the signal on which it is mounted, tilt slightly downward and tighten 7/16" nut of Flex Mount to secure angularity.
  6. Connect the BLACK wire to the terminal that also has the blue wire (WALK). Connect the WHITE wire to the terminal that has the white wire (AC NEUTRAL).
  7. Connect the device that points the proper direction (CUCKOO for North/South; PEEP-PEEP for East/West).
  8. Adjust Volume control for comfortable sound in that environment. Reinsert in the box. Tighten Screw in Face Plate.
  1. To change sound from CUCKOO to PEEP-PEEP, change shorting plug on receptacle U-I from PINS 1 & 2 to PINS 2 & 3.
  2. To change sound from PEEP-PEEP TO CUCKOO, change shorting plug on receptacle U-I from PINS 2 & 3 to PINS 1 & 2.
  3. Long-Nose Pliers can be utilized for shorting plug changes.
  4. The Volume Control is located to the left of the speaker and points up.
  5. Increase the volume by rotating clockwise.
  6. Decrease the volume by rotating counterclockwise.